Schrödinger’s Cat

Schrödinger’s cat is a famous thought experiment penned by down by Erwin Schrodinger in 1935. The experiment is carried out basically by placing a cat in a closed box with some unstable gun powder which has a 50% chance of exploding and a 50% chance of just nothing happening to it at all and the cat just stares at it. So until we look into the box we are not certain whether the cat survived this little experiment or did it meet its unfortunate end in a cardboard box? When we eventually do look they are only two possibilities. The cat is either dead or alive but not both. If we were to carry out this experiment and record the results they would show that half the time the cat survived and half of thedownload time it died. The quantum mechanical interpretation is that before we look into the box the cat is in a superposition. It is both dead and alive at the same time because we don’t know what the reality is without looking into the box. And when we do look inside reality crashes down on one decision. From the cats perspective either the gunpowder explodes or it doesn’t. So the cat’s reality becomes entangled with the result of experiment. And it is our observation that causes nature to collapse on one of these options. Wait a minute though..…aren’t we technically the cat also? Either we open the box and the cat is dead or we open the box and the cat is alive (yay!). So who is observing us for reality to fall upon one outcome? Maybe the other outcome occurs in a parallel universe? Who knows…


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